KomuSri KomuravelliMallikarjunaswamy_Idolravelli Mallikarjuna swamy Temple – Warangal

Sri Mallikarjuna swamy a fierce looking deity along with Kethamma and Medalamma on the both sides of the main deity.

Sri Mallikarjuna swamy temple is located in a cave on a small hillock in Komuravelli village Warangal district.

Lakhs of piligrims visit this temple on the eve of Makara Sankranthi as Brahmotsavam starts. The ‘pedda patnam’ celebrated on Maha Sivaratri day attract pilgrims in lakhs.

People also calls Sri Mallikarjuanaswamy as “Komuravelli Mallanna”, this temple is one of the famous temple in Telangana State.

Sri Mallikarjuna swamy temple is located at a distance of

85 kms from state capital Hyderabad,

110kms from Warangal, and

73kms from Karimnagar.

KomuravelliMallikarjunaswamy KomuravelliMallikarjunaswamy_caveidol  KomuravelliMallikarjunaswamy_Kamaan KomuravelliMallikarjunaswamy_Patnam KomuravelliMallikarjunaswamy_ShivaLingam KomuravelliMallikarjunaswamy_temple KomuravelliMallikarjunaswamyDevastanam KomuravelliMallikarjunaswamytemple

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