Chaya Someswara Temple – Nalgonda

Sri Chaya Someswara temple was very famous in Kakatiya dynasty and it was built in 11th and 12th centuries. The Temple is known for there being an everlasting shadow on the presiding god of the lord Shiva’s Linga in the main temple at any time of the day.

Sri Chaya Someswara temple is located in Pangal, Nalgonda district, Telangana, India.

In Pangal 2 famous shiva temples are Chaya Someswara Temple and Pachala Someswara Temple. Pangal was an important religious place during kakatiya’s period and Kakatiya’s greatest king Pratap Rudra on Pachala Someswera temple supports the claim that, these temples were erected for the greater glory of the Kakatiya ruler’s favorite god, Shiva.

Sri Chaya Someswara swamy temple derived its name from the mystifying shadow (Chaya), the temple is engineered by Kunduru Cholas and it is accepted as Thrikutalayam(3 Garbhagudis), hence it testifies the wonderful creative thinking and talent of its architects.

The temple is having 3 Garbhagudis, in which the main temple of the thrikutalaayam is located in west and facing east contains a continuing shadow in the type of one pillar from dawn to crepuscule (Throughout the day).

The Mystery was cracked by a Local College Physics lecturer. The architect designed in such a way that the light that enters the temple deflect the four pillars that are precisely placed in front of the Garbagudi, and forming a thick shadow.

How to Reach:

Pangal is located in Nalgonda district, Telangana which is very closer to Hyderabad and other areas. Distances from major cities are:

11kms from Nalgonda

106kms from Hyderabad

150kms from Warangal

Numbers of busses are available from all the cities to Nalgonda, and from Nalgonda choose autos or cabs to reach the Pangal Chaya Someswara Temple.


In Nalgonda multiple Lodges are there.